Plug for Lower Shaft


Getting sand in the lower shaft can be a nightmare. I have tried a number of things including taping with electrical tape to keep the sand out but I always have the lower shaft frozen.

During my last trip (vacation), I installed a plug and brought a metal shaft with me. Sure enough, when packing to come back home, I couldn't get the lower shaft out. Since I had installed the plug, I simply tapped the long bar and BANG, it was out.

So, we have made a few of these plugs by hand to sell or you can make one yourself. The size made is for an Excalibur and many other detector lower shafts, 3/4" OD with a 5/8" ID.

Note: This only works for straight shafts such as the Fisher CZ20 and 21.

$15 if purchased with other items, or $20 if purchased by its self including shipping to the continental USA.




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