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Scoop Assembly-Maintenance-Service-Trouble Shooting

Wood handle (ash): In the past, we have had some swelling of the wood which makes it hard to remove from the tube type scoop. Another factor is sand getting in the joint and to solve this problem we recommend tapping the joint so less sand will enter between the metal tube and the wood. We are now treating the end of ash handles with a 2 part epoxy paint which drastically reduces the swelling.

Be on the lookout for your handle pulling out of the tube type mount. If it does, you will have a catastrophic failure like with the scoop in the picture below. We have changed our warranty to reflect this issue.

If you do have a tight handle (wood or carbon fiber) insert a 3/8” drive bar from the bottom, snap on a socket and tap out the stuck handle. I take these tools with me on trips.

Travel handle: Seal all joints which with black electrical tape which restricts sand from entering the joint.

While it is best to wash salt water from your metal parts it really isn’t necessary. The welds create “marginal” stainless which can discolor and or corrode but this will not reduce the strength of the tool.

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