Unsolicited Testimonials from happy "STEALTH" 720i920iX owners
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Date: January, 2017
From: "W.M"


I’m relatively new to metal detecting, bought a good machine years ago but with young kids and life was never able to devote time to it. Fast forward quite a few years and I got the bug again and purchased a good machine (again!), a Minelab CTX 3030. The main reason I got this machine is that it had good reviews AND it could go in the water. Used it in 2015 at my vacation lake in Michigan with just a cheap 2 foot tin scoop. Had fun, found a ring, got excited but that was a LOT of work with that little scoop and there were a lot of areas I could not work as the water was too deep for the 2 foot scoop.

2016 rolls around and I saw an article in one of the treasure magazine about a REAL scoop. The scoop in the article was not yours but one of your competitors across the pond. Looked like a great idea and a great scoop. In the process of doing on-line research on this scoop I kept seeing references to “Sunspot” scoops and “Chuck at Sunspot”, so then I dug into your scoops. Found your websites, really liked what I saw for build quality, grew up on a farm and am a mechanic so I like quality in my “tools”. On top of that you are based in my home state of Michigan AND you have a lifetime warranty backed up by local service. That was enough to make me want to purchase from you but then I had a terrible dilemma, what model/build to purchase?!

Having never had or used a “real” scoop I did not know what to order, the old “you don’t know what you don’t know” deal. This brings me to the part I liked the best, I called your company and you came to the phone to talk to me directly and walked me through the choices and what would work best for me. I was looking at the Hybrid and mentioned that I would primarily be working lakes up north in Michigan with the “peaty” black bottoms and you suggested I go with the normal hole size for the back as it was easier to sift that thick stuff out of the scoop. Sounded good to me. I was also undecided on the size of the scoop, 720 or 920? Still in good shape and not going to be doing this for 10 hours a day so you talked me into the 920, move the material and find the stuff in the sand!

Final build was a 920iX clamp style, rugged package, toepad and one-piece carbon fiber handle. Wow! Love that thing, especially that handle, would recommend it to anyone. If you are even considering the carbon, that IS the way to go! Especially like the handles ability to float upright, goes a long way towards keeping your upper extremities dry while working the water, no bending over to fish for a sunken handle when it tips over while you’re juggling everything. Staying drier means staying in the water detecting longer.

This summer went back to our Michigan lake, it has a big sandbar where all the party boats park, got to be good stuff there right? Couldn’t wait to give it a go with the new 920iX! On the way up there I told my wife that I would consider the vacation a success if I found 3 gold rings with diamonds mounted on them. She looked at me and rolled her eyes and said the equivalent of “yes dear”, which she had a right to do since to this point I had only found one gold ring with a scoop in the water. By the end of the trip I had found 4 gold rings, 3 of them with diamonds in them! One was a diamond and sapphire ring that a neighbor girl had lost out in front of the cabin 7 years ago. Her mother had given it to her as a high school graduation present. Her mom was there and I was able to present it to her. She took a pic with her phone and sent it to her daughter who was ecstatic that it had been found. The real highlight was a great big man’s ring. When I brought it up with the scoop so big I thought it was a fake, just some cheap brass bling. But dang, sure looked and felt heavy like gold, no tarnish at all, bright and all that. But on the other hand it was kind of rough, not a real finished texture and no makers mark or 14K on the inside. Finally decided, well if the diamond it real the ring will be real gold and the diamond is easy to check. Took it to a custom jeweler, yes sir, the diamond is real! It was the real deal, a custom ring, weighs 20.12 grams and the diamond is .35 - .40 carat. He said it would cost about $3,500 to make today.

Could not have done it without your advice and scoop! Having a high quality scoop will add a whole new dimension to the enjoyment you get when working the water. Any time I’m asked for a recommendation I happily give them your contact information and let them try my scoop.

Thanks again, attached a couple pictures of the successful trip.

Semper Fi!

Chuck, I just want to thankyou. I ordered my 720 from you last fall and now that the ice has thawed here in Colorado I was finally able to take it out for a test drive. It's quite a chore digging here through all the rock and hard clay at our swimming holes and no matter what a guy uses there's nothing easy about it. The difference is your scoop didn't bend, buckle, or even dull down. I kicked that thing hard like a shovel for about 7 hours and the only thing that wore down was me. What a beast !! In our ground nothing is going to take a big bite but your scoop definitely gains more than anything else I have tried and speeds up recovery time considerably. Great job on a great product.

Thanks for the great service and product,

Name withheld

Hi Chuck

I got the scoop (720i) wednesday and took it out this morning.

It works great, i have a stavscoop krepish model.

the 720i cuts through the sand much easier and does not drop sand off the tip like my other one.

The only suggestion i would make is to take the small holes slightly higher on the back face upto the brace bar.

Great scoop, look forward to finding lots of gold with it.


Our response:

I am glad to hear you are happy XXXXX.  I wish I was in Spain detecting like you  L

I am a little surprised that you want the holes higher.  It seems to me that if you have a small item falling through, you would go after it a second time and be a little gentle with it the second time round.

Small holes cost $$$$ and make the scoop heavier.

It is always a battle between cost, weight, strength etc.

Thanks for your input.


I'd just like to say how impressed I am with the Sunspot Stealth "720i" scoop. I've used it on four occasions in wet, dry, and wet mixed with cobblestones ~ nothing can stop it. The rocky areas of my beach were holding some old silver coins. While this would challenge the strength of most scoops, the Stealth 720i cut through the rocks like a bulldozer and the 1 1/2 inch hardwood handle muscled the heavy loads without any sign of breaking. While I'd say it's a strong man's scoop, carrying it around for 4 hour hunts wasn't a problem for me. Great job Sunspot!

Happy Hunting,
New York

This letter was posted in the Findmall Forum:

Last week I was notified by Sunspot that they wanted to reinforce my 720 stealth scoop (bought almost 2 months ago). with no charge to me other than sending it in and they would send it back to me with a 3 to 7 day turn around Now that’s great service !. So I sent it in along with my friends who bought his at the same time as me.

Decided to hit the beach today with my old scoop that has a stainless steel tip (no reason to give its name ) that I have been using all along, with no problems before purchasing the Sunspot Scoop

I came across a target put the scoop in the dry/wet sand and pushed. I almost broke my ankle the scoop didn’t budge didn’t even cut into the sand , I stumbled around like I took hit off a Chinese Bong. Not that I ever did that, but I can imagine. I wasn’t right the next 2hrs of hunting. I had a hard time penetrating the sand the rest of the hunt. It wasn’t so pleasant either.

I want my Stealth 720 back Chuck hurry !!!!
All I can say there is a very big difference !!!! I’m totally sold on this scoop now I see why I didn’t come home so worn out.

My friend is going out tomorrow I can’t wait to hear from him, boy I’m going to have a good laugh.


I told this tester guy: Give it hell. I want you to be rough on it so I can find out if there are any weaknesses.

Hey Chuck got it out three times. First thing I noticed was the direction line in the handle very cool. Then noticed the wood grain is running in the right direction. After assembly I noticed the handles on top of the scoop which give you about 5" of handle. This is a good thing. While hunting the angle of the scoop really make it easier to dig effortlessly. When you’re in neck deep water the extra handle really helps. When you go to pick out a target from the scoop it much easier cause there no handle in the scoop, awesome. The design of the scoop really cuts this hard sand very good. While in zero vis water you can slide the scoop down over you foot to hit the target area mush easier. Last thoughts, it the best scoop I've ever used or for that matter it the best out there, I'm be in some very deep holes tomorrow. I'll let you know. thanks Chuck…………

Hey Chuck got out this morning low tide really bad sanded in down here, but managed to dig up a nice 14 k ring and some other goodies. The scoop really does dig well.I don't know if it the shape or what but as soon as the tip starts to penetrate the sand it seems to cut in really well and that's with the hard fine sand we have down here. As I said in no vis condition the scoop is easy to find your toe or the tip of your shoe, and almost every time the first or second try you find the target. The handle has a little flex to it when you go for a full scoop but the flex is a good thing it's nothing to worry about, it's very sturdy. Also when dragging the scoop in the water ( not that I do it a lot) there's less drag compared to the Stealth I guess due to the angle. The angle really saves the knee when digging you don't have to be so far forward and less bending on the second scoop. I hope I'm explaining it ok, so far the 720 is 100 percent more digger friendly then the Stealth not saying the Stealth is a bad scoop the 720 is well thought out. I'll keep you posted.

Hey Chuck,
Got out today and got another nice 14k lady's gold ring w/ a couple of diamonds. It been pretty tough due to the sand in. The scoop has been flawless. I really like the easy to view targets in the scoop nice open area without the handle being in the center were coin can get stuck. It really gets targets quick when in the water first or second try. It also seem a little lighter than the other scoop. I'll keep you posted.

This is a hunter who tested the 720 and had to send it on to another person:

sure that’s fine, not a problem. I missed using it last night, I am getting ready to close shop early and hope to be swinging low tide at 4pm. I am hoping my business picks up more so i can put away enough to buy one, a stealth is what I wanted from beginning but flphil did not carry them. not to happy with RTG especially after using the 720. let me know what’s going on ………………..

Boy that's great, the 720 is by far the best scoop out there. Got out this morning over 2 dollars in clad and I thought I had a platinum ring turn out to be stainless steel. Pretty tough hunting sand in and a lot of Competition and all the holes are gone. Yeah Chuck I don't think you could improve on the Performance of the 720 you've hit a home run on this scoop. Congratulations.

Hey Chuck,,,yes, the 720 is like a digging machine,,,I am truly amazed at how fast I grab floater targets like pull tabs,,,,,with the RTG in waist to chest deep,,,,it is a real pain in the butt,,,,either rolls or pushes the lighter targets,,,,but yes,,,I was in chin deep water almost all week and the extra length on the handle would be real nice,,,,it really wouldn't be anymore more to carry around either,,,,when you are chin deep and put your foot on the basket to bite the sand,,,,the extra handle would be a big plus,,,,that would be awesome if you sent me a long handle,,,I showed it to a guy who has hunted the water here for 25 years and at first,,,he just kind of shook his head,,,,when I was talking to him,,,we were in chest deep water and he was chasing a target,,,he asked to try it and one scoop, she was in the basket,,,he was like,, wow!

Hey Chuck sorry about the emails. Yesterday dug up a nice 14k lady's ring and today a SS ring. Been hunting in waist to chest high water. I've noticed its very easy to view your targets in the scoop no handle to obscure the finds. The extra 4 or 5 " on the handle really make it easier when in deep water. Plus the direction line is nice also no more trying to figure out the front to the back of the scoop. The angle is truly a great thing makes digging so much more faster and precise. That's it for now. I'll keep you posted.

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