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Date: January, 2017
From: "W.M"


I’m relatively new to metal detecting, bought a good machine years ago but with young kids and life was never able to devote time to it. Fast forward quite a few years and I got the bug again and purchased a good machine (again!), a Minelab CTX 3030. The main reason I got this machine is that it had good reviews AND it could go in the water. Used it in 2015 at my vacation lake in Michigan with just a cheap 2 foot tin scoop. Had fun, found a ring, got excited but that was a LOT of work with that little scoop and there were a lot of areas I could not work as the water was too deep for the 2 foot scoop.

2016 rolls around and I saw an article in one of the treasure magazine about a REAL scoop. The scoop in the article was not yours but one of your competitors across the pond. Looked like a great idea and a great scoop. In the process of doing on-line research on this scoop I kept seeing references to “Sunspot” scoops and “Chuck at Sunspot”, so then I dug into your scoops. Found your websites, really liked what I saw for build quality, grew up on a farm and am a mechanic so I like quality in my “tools”. On top of that you are based in my home state of Michigan AND you have a lifetime warranty backed up by local service. That was enough to make me want to purchase from you but then I had a terrible dilemma, what model/build to purchase?!

Having never had or used a “real” scoop I did not know what to order, the old “you don’t know what you don’t know” deal. This brings me to the part I liked the best, I called your company and you came to the phone to talk to me directly and walked me through the choices and what would work best for me. I was looking at the Hybrid and mentioned that I would primarily be working lakes up north in Michigan with the “peaty” black bottoms and you suggested I go with the normal hole size for the back as it was easier to sift that thick stuff out of the scoop. Sounded good to me. I was also undecided on the size of the scoop, 720 or 920? Still in good shape and not going to be doing this for 10 hours a day so you talked me into the 920, move the material and find the stuff in the sand!

Final build was a 920iX clamp style, rugged package, toepad and one-piece carbon fiber handle. Wow! Love that thing, especially that handle, would recommend it to anyone. If you are even considering the carbon, that IS the way to go! Especially like the handles ability to float upright, goes a long way towards keeping your upper extremities dry while working the water, no bending over to fish for a sunken handle when it tips over while you’re juggling everything. Staying drier means staying in the water detecting longer.

This summer went back to our Michigan lake, it has a big sandbar where all the party boats park, got to be good stuff there right? Couldn’t wait to give it a go with the new 920iX! On the way up there I told my wife that I would consider the vacation a success if I found 3 gold rings with diamonds mounted on them. She looked at me and rolled her eyes and said the equivalent of “yes dear”, which she had a right to do since to this point I had only found one gold ring with a scoop in the water. By the end of the trip I had found 4 gold rings, 3 of them with diamonds in them! One was a diamond and sapphire ring that a neighbor girl had lost out in front of the cabin 7 years ago. Her mother had given it to her as a high school graduation present. Her mom was there and I was able to present it to her. She took a pic with her phone and sent it to her daughter who was ecstatic that it had been found. The real highlight was a great big man’s ring. When I brought it up with the scoop so big I thought it was a fake, just some cheap brass bling. But dang, sure looked and felt heavy like gold, no tarnish at all, bright and all that. But on the other hand it was kind of rough, not a real finished texture and no makers mark or 14K on the inside. Finally decided, well if the diamond it real the ring will be real gold and the diamond is easy to check. Took it to a custom jeweler, yes sir, the diamond is real! It was the real deal, a custom ring, weighs 20.12 grams and the diamond is .35 - .40 carat. He said it would cost about $3,500 to make today.

Could not have done it without your advice and scoop! Having a high quality scoop will add a whole new dimension to the enjoyment you get when working the water. Any time I’m asked for a recommendation I happily give them your contact information and let them try my scoop.

Thanks again, attached a couple pictures of the successful trip.

Semper Fi!

Date: December, 2013
From: "Cxxxxx"

Just wanted to say thanks for the great repair and fast turnaround on my scoop. I was able to get back on the beach with it yesterday and it works fantastic. The hard packed sand on the beach here in Florida can take a toll on most scoops, but the Stealth Scoop is the best scoop I have used here. Thanks for a great product.

I am looking forward to hearing back on the carbon fiber handles when they become available. The wood handle is a lot heavier than my aluminum handle was.

Date: Sat, 4 Apr. 2009
From: "Kxxxx"

Chuck, Thank you for sending the scoop. I was able to try it out today in rocks sand and muck that’s what we have here in Ct. and I'm very pleased.  Found twice as much due to the speed of the way it washes out the sand and breaks the thick muck and where we have the rocks I can pull them out of the way then dig. I cannot wait to get out again Thank you Kxxxx.

Subject: Your SCOOPs are the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 16:41:04 -0500
From: "Vinnie DiCioccio"

Thought you might like to see that the only SCOOPs allowed on our hunts are Sunspot's. Great product, best SCOOP I have ever used.

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Sent: Sunday, December 21, 2008

Received the scoop and took it out the same day for a 5 hr practice session.  It is a brute and exactly what I needed!  Didn't lose 1 target to the surf.  Found a nice man's gold band that Is easily worth what I paid for it.  Really appreciate the fast great service and will definitely recommend the scoop to others.

Aloha from Hawaii
Cxxx Mxxxxx  
                                             mokume hane ring --->

Every New Years Day, a bunch of us get together to try to start the New Year off right, this year was no exception. Myself, Ed Grella, Tom Sharp, and Conrad Rasinski met up at a local beach to hit the early morning low tide. Temperatures were a "balmy" 15 degrees. This particular beach has a history that dates it back to the late 1700's but more recently it has served as both a private and public beach since the 1800's. Due to a recent storm, a large section of the water line was cut out down to the rock and hard pan. This is where the Sunspot SCOOP excels. With large amounts of sand taken out by the storm, the older coins and jewelry were easier to reach. As I hunted I began finding old brass (swim buckles, beach tags, and shell casings). I knew I was in the right area. Soon the old coins started showing up. Buffalo Nickels, Barber Quarter, Silver Dimes, Wheat Pennies. It wasn't long after that my first gold ring of the year appeared in my SunSpot. A nice 10K mens Signet ring. Next target was an older silver ring, then a broken 14K band.

Tom Sharp - Vinnie DiCioccio - Ed Grella

When the morning ended I finished with 3 gold rings (I added a 14K womens wedding band at the end), a silver ring, a bunch of silver coins and an intact brass bracelet from the 1939 NY Worlds Fair. I have been water hunting for quite a while and I can honestly say that the Sunspot SCOOP is the best I have ever used. It blew right through the rock and hard pan to allow me to get to the gold and silver. I wouldn't go to the beach without it.

~ Vinnie DiCioccio

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From: Ron L
To: Sunspot EDM Tooling
Sent: Saturday, April 10, 2004 9:40 AM
Subject: Great Scoop

Just wanted to touch base on my use of the scoop 2 that I bought from you guys . It's great , the scoop that I was using was a professional stainless but was more closed in. I couldn't get the sand to dump out fast enough on very deep targets. The sand would just keep caving in . I have had to walk away from targets after trying for 20 to 30 min. to get them. What I really like about this scoop is when the hole turns to mush you can remove a ton of sand fast. So far even the very deep hard to get targets I have been able to retrieve My second time out I found a gold ring with a red center stone and a small cluster of diamonds on each side of the stone. The next day I found a silver ring , and another silver heart ring today. I will be putting your scoop through a hard workout this summer as I live across from the worlds most famous beach ;Daytona Beach. I have been detecting for ten years and always do very well, One thing I learned is getting targets out of the ground as quick as possible is very important. With your scoop I expect my finds to increase even more. I put off buying one because of the cost , Now I see the cost is well worth it. Thanks for your great service and a awesome scoop.

Ron L

Subject: Your SCOOPs are the Best!!!!!!!!!!!!
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 16:41:04 -0500
From: "Vinnie DiCioccio"

Thought you might like to see that the only SCOOPs allowed on our hunts are Sunspot's. Great product, best SCOOP I have ever used.

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