STEALTH “Travel Handle”
47" assembled length

Now: Carbon Fiber top and bottom!

2-3 days for us to build your order

Our design is top of the line, but, we don’t recommend any travel handle for daily use. No handle with a joint is as good as a solid one piece handle.

A screw accessed from the side expands the internal part and locks it in place.

The STEALTH Travel handle will fit all Stealth scoops ever made and other brands. Just tell us what you have (U-Bolt or Tube mount).

Now you can pack your STEALTH in your suit case

No bolts exposed to get in your way and rip your hands open.

Now with the upper and lower portion Carbon Fiber!

$185 plus shipping
$195 plus shipping (for Stavr and other scoops with 1 ¼” OD handles)

Warranty Issue!
Important: Your warranty is
void if you do not seal out sand with electrical tape.
Sand entering the joints will freeze the two halves together!



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